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Arthur Friedenreich: The Forgotten Legend of Brazilian Football

Arthur Friendenreich was a professional Footballer of Brazil. He was the Original Black pearl. He was playing as a forward. He played for the Brazil National Team. He was a Predecessor of pele. Unfortunately Friedenreich could not play for the world cup which Started in the year 1930. So he could not get as much fame as pele. He was playing in sao paolo club.

He was not picked up for the 1930 FIFA World cup because of misunderstanding between clubs Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo. Only players from Rio were included in the world cup Squad. It was unfortunate.

Friedenreich was a pioneer of Jogo banito (beautiful game). This style was associated with Brezilian Football. Short passes, quick touches, and combinations were the elements of beautiful game. Taking many long shots and speedy 2-3 striking to disorient the defence. He was 5 feet 7 inch, but he was brilliant dribbler. Friedenreich was very young when he developed his own style of play. He was only 17 when he became part of elite clubs. He moved from club to club.

Friedenreich was born of Afro-Brazilian origin. He was a person of mixed race. Slavery was abolished in Brazil in 1888. This was only four years before Friedenreich was born. He faced discrimination throughout his life and career. He was denied playing in South American Championship.

The exact number of goals that the scored is unknown, probably due to lack of documentation. The number of goals Supposed is 1329, in 1239 matches. Friedenreich’s father and his former team mate Maris de Audrade had both compiled his goal scoring record-But it vanished suddenly in the mid 1960s as Friedenreich himself suffered from illness.

Friedenreich was a legend. When pele’s father was training him football-He used to say-If you want to play football ,play like Friedenreich. But he played in pre world cup era i.e. before 1930. So Friedenreich could not become what he might have been. He became a victim of racism-If he was alive today he would have been the best man to speak about the racism he faced. He would have the best Footballer of Brazil …. above the standard of pele, Garrincha, Zico, Ronaldinho, Socrates. Sadly Friedenreich was born in a time when football was considered a sport for the elites, and European imperialists. It was very difficult for a black person to play the game at the top level. Arthur’s father was a German businessman Oscar Friedenreich and his mother mathilde was of African descent and the daughter of five slaves. Because of this European back ground, Friendenreich came into contact with Football very early during his childhood. He was Half European. He had to put rice powder on his skin and flour on his face to look more European. His playing style was individualism with the skill and pace to leave defenders confused. Friedenreich made Brazil dream . Without him, Brazil would probably have not become the footballing power we know it as today.

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