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Sports champion, struggles for livelihood!

Athletes who brought Laurels to  the state are languishing in poverty, thanks to the Centre’s apathy.There are efforts to position Odisha as the country’s sports capital to host international events , but just look at the other phase where 20 footballers who hails from sambalpur dist are struggling hard for their daily’s bread.Dolly munda , a former footballer, who had led odisha women football team six times and played in three National football competition during her career, now earns a paltry livelihood rolling bidis at her home.Sunita,who had found place in Indian competetion along with Dolly is struggling against adverse situation unders acute poverty.Dipti, who played in five national level football events has recently opened a beauty salon to sustain.Similarly santosini is working with a small organisation for a petty remuneration whereas Meena is cleaning dishes at other’s houses and subasini is learning tailoring to eke out a living.After bringing so many medals for state at National level, it really hurts to see them in such a miserable condition, where the Government is not paying any heed to help them out.And the list doesnt ends here, there are many other women footballers including Bandana oram, Madhumita meher, Minati tirkey,Parbati Munda, Ratni munda, Prema munda, Padmini suna, Karmi munda, Rina oram, Drupati Munda, Runu thapa, Rajini oram and Sasmita Tapo who had represented the state at National level are struggling to live with dignity. They had played 5-10 times at National level competition.Former football players Sukanti Barik, Puja sahoo and Lily Munda who had taken part at inter varsity level events are reportedly in efforts to meet their both ends. They have been appealing to the Government but all in vain.So If govt. Will provide some assistance to them , it will add a  feather of Pride in odisha’s cap!!ReplyForward
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