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Kerala government’s Green Signal to Love Jihad

Kochi, July 26, (HS): A day after the United Nations released a report
warning Kerala becoming a hotbed of Islamic terrorism, the CPI(M)- led Government of Kerala issued a directive to its departments to make life easy for the ISIS terrorists operating from the state. G Sudhakaran, Kerala Minister for co-operation issued a Government Order on Sunday directing the registration offices across the state not to publish the notices of intended marriages under the second schedule of the registration Act. As per the existing laws, it was mandatory on the part of the Registration Department to publish the notices of intended marriages in the department website so that the general public would be able to get information about impending marriages.

The Islamic terrorists and their henchmen operating in Kerala prefer registered marriages to give a sense of legality to the marriages between Jihadi youths and girls belonging to gullible Hindu and Christian girls. The Love Jihad marriages are the preferred route for Islamic extremists to marry girls from other religions and pack them off to Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan to be sold as sex slaves for the IS warriors fighting in these countries for the establishment of Khalifate.The last five years have seen over 7,000 girls from Hindu and Christian families eloping with the Jihadists only to disappear from life once and for ever.

The publication of the notices of intended marriages had helped the help-lines operated by the Hindu and Christian communities to save the innocent girls in the nick of time from the evil intensions of the Jihadists.Most of the parents prefer to keep silence once their daughters elope with the Islamic terrorists as they fear about the backlash from the community.
It was at this juncture that Sudhakaran, who had prophesized his hatred for
Hindus and Hindu monks asked his department offcials to do away with the
practice of posting the Notices of Intended Marriages in the Government website
and in the notice boards of the offices concerned.“This is to help the Islamic terrorists to have a free run in Kerala.
The Christian families in the state have lost thousands of girls as victims of
these Love Jihad.

The notices published by the registration department on the website has helped us to save many girls from the impending disaster, said Jaison Mazhuvancherry, a prominent leader of the Catholic community in Ernakulam district. Even on Saturday, the registration department had posted details about at least 20 such Love Jihad marriages.

In all these marriages, what stands out is the societal and social difference between the boys and the girls. While the boys are all from Islam doing menial jobs or unemployed, girls are all from socially high families with higher education. There are doctors, engineers, air hostesses and teachers who are easily hoodwinked by the Jihadis, said Anantha Narayanan, a leading social activist in South India.

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