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Republic Day celebration-2021 sans traditional hustle and bustle

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India celebrates 72nd Republic Day on 26 January 2021 at the backdrop of lethal Corona, which seems to be on descending trend across the country in the wake of the onset of vaccinations, might lose its lustres of traditional joy and jubilation but not that of patriotic passion and nationalistic notions in the wake of Pandemic penetration and farmers’ agitations.


India got freedom from British rule on 15 August 2021.However,the country did not possess a permanent Constitution then.The first draft of the Constitution was presented to the National Assembly on 04 November 1947 by the drafting committee headed by Dr.B.R.Ambedkar.India’s Constitution came into effect on 26 January 1950.The choice of the date was intentional as it coincided with the anniversary of “PurnaSwarajDay”,asdeclared by the then INC on 26 Jan 1930.The Constitution empowered Indian citizen to govern themselves by choosing their own Government . Consequently Dr.Rajendra Prasad was sworn in as the first president of India at the Durbar Hall in the government house.The first president unfurled India’s national flag in the Irwin stadium.Since then 26 January  has been assumed as red-letter day in the history of India and  is being celebrated as Republic Day with festivities and patriotic fervour across the length and breach of the country.


With patriotic fervour, traditional gaiety and enthusiasm, Republic Day is celebrated every year all over India in honour of our Constitution.Unfurlingnational flag and rendering national anthem,thedivine day is celebrated in the premises ofschools,Colleges,Offices and all most in all the Institutions of the country.Thegrand function  at New Delhi starts with P.M’s offering of wreath to Amar Jawan Kyoto at India Gate in memory of the supreme sacrifices of Indian soldiers for the cause of mother India.A grand parade takes place at Raj Path in New Delhi to showcase country’s defence capabilities,diversity and rich cultural heritage.In presence of the chief guest of the occasion, usually a foreign head of state,the president of India receives the military salute of the parade in New Delhi while the state governors receive the same in state capitals.Medalsof bravery and awards are bestowed upon army personnel as well as the civilians for their extra ordinary services to the nation.Armed forces personal displaying adventurous motorcycle ride raise the occasion to a great height.The grand parade culminates with the fighter planes of IAF flying past the dias,symbolicallytendering salute to the president.The trails of smokes in the colour of the Indian flags emitting from the planes turn the beholders patriotically ecstatic.


..For the first time in 55 years, no chief guest will preside over the R-Day parade.

..Use of mask is mandatory for all participants and performers.

..Only 25,000 spectators are permitted,including4000 general public

..Each enclosure is to be equipped with mask, temperature checking, sanitizers and medical team.

..Children below 15 years and elders with co-morbidities are not allowed.

..Number of tableau has been increased to 32, but are forbidden for public display at Red Fort.

..The size of every contigenthas been reduced to 96 members as against 144 in past.

..No standing spectators are allowed.


.. Bangladesh’s armed forces contingent consisting 122 members will be the part of the parade.

..IAF tableaux will feature India’s first woman fighter pilot,BhawanaKanth.

..Rafale fighters will fly past over Rajpath rendering a “vertical charlie”.

..At least 100 meritorious students from school and colleges would adorn the P.M box to witness the grand parade.

..The model of the upcoming Sri Ram temple will be displayed on U.P tableau.

..Andaman and Nicobar Islands troops will March in the parade for the first time

..Union territory of Ladhak will make debue in parade

..A tableau of the Department of Biotechnology will showcase the indigenous production of Covid vaccine reflecting self-reliant India.

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