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A valiant corona warrior: Dr. Champak Meher

When everybody is hysterical about the lethal outbreak of Corona pandemic, a differently abled doctor in Kalahandi, Dr. Champak Meher has turned out to be a valiant warrior in combating Coronavirus outbreak by rendering praiseworthy medical service to the entire village of Beheraguda that happens to be the first ever stigmatised area of the entire Kalahandi district due to two Corona positive cases. Apart from enhancing the mental well-being of two Corona victims and scared residents of the village, Dr. Meher has become a saviour angel showing invincible courage and instilling confidence among the paramedical staff to defeat the lethal virus. Presently Dr. Meher has been posted as chief Medical officer PHC, Golamunda block headquarter in Kalahandi district.

The first ever Corona positive case of Kalahandi district was spotted at Beheraguda village under Golamunda village during the night of 04.04.2020. In no time, he dared to visit the effected village along with the B.D.O and few health workers.The residents were in utter panic.Rendering them moral support and awareness, Dr.Meher continued to stay in the village till the victim was sent to Ashwin Hospital, Cuttack. Though keeping the 11no. of contacts from Sosia and 28 no. of contacts from Khamar Haldi at the quarantine centre seemed to be an uphill task in the wake of vehement opposition & commotion of the prejudiced residents, but thanks to the art of persuasion & motivation of this down-to-earth doctor he was able to yield the contacts to the quarantine centre and provide primary medical treatment as well. It was no less than a severe headache for Dr. Meher as the villagers started concealing their ailments of cough & cold for fear of Corona testing. Eventually, he succeeded in gaining their confidence by means of his persuasion skill.

No sooner had Dr.Meher worked out successfully his procedure in regard to the 1st Corona positive case than the 2nd Corona positive patient was detected in the same village on 09.04.2020. Dr. Meher had no option but to retain his medical camp at the same village from the reporting night. Mustering confidence from the handling of the 1st case, he managed to send the 2nd victim of Corona to Ashwini Hospital, Cuttack; and the 06 no. of contacts (3 each) to the quarantine centres at Sosia and Khamar Haldi. Exhibiting sheer devotion and commitment, Dr. Meher served at the aforesaid qurantine centres incessantly round the clock with vigilance till he received negative reports of  all the people admitted in the quarantine.

When the attention of the whole state was focused on the remote Corona effected village of Kalahandi, Dr. Meher was entrusted with the task to take up the challenge for combating Corona in  the aforesaid village. Obviously his parents, relatives and friends in his village, Baldiamal in Junagarh block were extremely worried about his well-being and kept giving him incessant mobile calls and messages. To one’s utter surprise, his wife Dr. Kamalini Meher, an Ayush doctor at PHC, Pharang stood by her husband giving him courage and confidence to render his duty immaculately. As Dr. Meher confined himself in qurantine from April 4, he couldn’t meet his wife and his three year old son. Amid a melancholic emotional ambience, his infant son chatted with him on mobile video conference facility.

Fortunately, he got his swab report as negative on April 14. Nevertheless, cooking his own food in solitude, maintaining social distance and segregation from own family for more than 25 days for the cause of combating Corona, Dr.Champak Meher, a differently abled person, has enshrined himself in the heart and soul of the local people as a valiant warrior waging war against the lethal Corona. Echoes of appreciation for the differently abled doctor is being heard  across the length and breadth of Kalahandi.


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