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Beirut’s professor on Pragati’s Webinar to weave students’ capacities

Yet another wonderful Webinar of academic interest was aired within a fortnight by Pragati Degree college, Bhawanipatna, a premier educational hub in Kalahandi to unlock learning during the ongoing pandemic lockdown.

TheWebinar entitled as a mentoring webcast was organized on 20 Sept 2020 with an aim to inspire the students to hike their confidence levels in choosing the diverse professional platforms to construct their careers after graduation for the sheer realization of their sky-high ambitions.

The potential presenter of the online session was a highly erudite man of excellence, Dr.DigambaraPatra, PhD(IIT, Madras), Professor-cum-Chair person, Dept. Of Chemistry, American University of Beruit, Lebanon. Prof Patra, a subject expert in Nano Chemistry, fluorescence, spectroscopy & Biophysical Chemistry and a post-doctoral fellow at IIT, Madras; University of Basel(Switzerland); National Institute of Natural Science, Okazaki(Japan) and WasedaUniversity, Tokyo; a visiting lecturer at Waseda University and visiting scholar at Abo Akademi University, Turku, Finland.

With such manifold designations and vast experiences, Dr.Patra raised the occasion to a towering height unfolding his insightful discourses coupled with his life journey from a rustic ambiance of Kalahandi to American University by virtue of hard work, discipline, and diligence, which in turn inspired the students enthusiastically. In addition to it, Prof.Patra, hailing from Dharamgarh, Kalahandi is passionate about his root and inconsequence stays connected with Kalahandi, Odisha despite his hectic schedule.

Obviously, the presentation culminates with his critical analysis of education, agriculture,  infrastructures, railway, industries with respect to Kalahandi, Odisha, and India as well. The online candid interactions between Dr.Patra and the students amid resounding applauses turned out to be the hallmark of the session.

In his address to the online assembly, Er. Ajaya Panda, founder-secretary of the Institution highlighted such exposures of global magnitude to the students as the need of the hour and reiterated his commitment to conducting such sessions frequently on the campus. Mr. Jagannath Tripathy, the principal urged the students to be hardworking, industrious, and discipline enough to realize their goals.

Mr.Santosh Kumar Pattnaik, Lect-in-Zoology co-ordinated the entire session enigmatically knitting the guests, mentors, faculties, and students with harmonious dictions. Eventually, the Webinar folded to the climax with a vote of thanks to the online congregation tendered by the Principal.

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