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Cricketer Andrew Simonds is in contention

Bhubaneswar: Former Australian cricketer Andrew Simonds, one of the all-rounders in the world of cricket, died in a tragic road accident late on Saturday night. He was born in Birmingham, England, in 1955. But he played for Australia. He made his debut in ODI cricket on the 18th. One of the greatest cricketers in the world, the late Smiths had a controversial career, which is why fans remember him even 12 years after his retirement. Simmons played for Australian cricket from 18 to 2006. Even after Simonds retired from cricket, the controversy did not go away.

The death of 4-year-old Andrew Simonds has once again brought great sad news to the sports world. He was killed in a car accident in Townsville. According to Queensland police, Simonds’ accident was serious. Simmons crashed in the Harvey Range, about 50 km west of the city, around 10:30 p.m. He had deep scars on his body. He was hospitalized in critical condition. But the medical team did not succeed, despite many efforts.

Monkeygate controversy

The biggest fight in cricket history was between Antru Simonds and Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh. This is known as the Monkeygate controversy. Team India toured Australia in 2007-08. The second match of the series was played in Sydney. The match was alleged to have had poor umpiring. Harbhajan Singh was bowling and had an argument with Andrew Simonds. Captain Ricky Ponting later complained to the umpires. According to Ponting, Harbhajan Singh called the monkeys “monkeys”. According to ICC rules, players cannot use insulting words. The match between Harbhajan and Simonds was discussed at the Sydney match. Harbhajan Singh was eventually convicted. As a result, Harbhajan Singh missed three matches.

Cricket career

Simmons has played 26 Tests, 14 ODIs, and 16 T20I matches. He has scored 182 runs in ODIs, 506 runs in Tests, and 336 runs in T20I. Australia played a key role in Australia’s 2003 and 2006 World Cup victories. Simmons became a member of the IPL in 2008 from the Deccan Chargers. He played in 36 IPL matches. Scored 4 runs. Australia won the 2003 World Cup. Australia met Pakistan in the opening league match. Australia did poorly from the start. The score was 4 for 6 in 40 overs. In that sense, it is possible Simmonds batted explosively. In that match, Simmons scored 143 runs. The match was one of the most memorable innings for Simonds. The Kangaroos won the match against Pakistan.

Loved to drink

Andrew Simonds loved to drink. He had to stay away from cricket in 2007 due to alcoholism. During the 2007 Twenty20 World Cup, he was fined for violating the alcohol laws of the team. He had to return home during the Twenty20 World Cup. Simonds was once batting in a match against Sri Lanka. At the time, Michael Clarke was at the end of the strike. Simmons hit the ball. The ball hit Clarke’s pad and fell into the field. Simmons was out. On his way to the pavilion, he told Clarke he had to pay for a bottle of beer. While commenting on Simonds last year, Marnus Labushen made a rude remark about batting. He later apologized.

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