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“Help me God” says Amitabh in a heart warming post

New Delhi, July 25 (HS) It’s been more than a week since the 77-year-old actor has been hospitalised in Nanavati and as of now, there’s no specific update on his health except for the fact that his condition is stable. Sr Bachchan too has been tweeting and writing his blog on daily basis to express his thoughts, emotions and stay connected with his fans from the hospital bed.Last night Big B took to Twitter to express gratitude towards the unconditional love that he has been receiving from fans. He shared a picture remembering one of his Sunday darshans outside Jalsa when he would step out to wave out to a sea of fans. It was a ritual that Sr Bachchan has been following since years now. Feeling grateful about all the love coming his way, Bachchan wrote a loving note to his fans and also mentioned that although today his house is sealed, hopefully it shall soon be filled with love again.”the hands that you raise in love and support are my strength .. this I shall never ever allow to vanish from my system .. so help me God ! God willing they shall be filled with love again”, wrote Big B in the caption

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