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HelpLIS-Mission stands with librarian community

Bhubaneswar, June 01: A group of Library and Information Science (LIS) Professional Associations joined together and have decided to assist Covid-19 affected LIS professionals and their families during the Covid crisis period. This mission is known as HelpLIS-Mission (

The Odisha Library Academy (OLA) is a part of the mission. The OLA is feeling proud to be a part of the mission to coordinate the eastern region of India. A virtual meeting was organised by the OLA in this regard on Monday evening.

OLA president Dr Banamber Sahoo said the HelpLIS-Mission is the first mission in India which stands with the librarian community during the coronavirus pandemic. Hope all the library associations in India will come together and exhibit their solidarity to the librarian community, he said.

The second wave of Covid-19 is taking away the lives of many LIS professionals globally, and India is not an exception to it. A significant number of LIS professionals are struggling for their survival. While the families of those working in government and well-established institutions are adequately compensated/supported, those in private establishments are receiving meagre or no support at all. 

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