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National Interactive Art Workshop

Sound of Forest II (Second Edition)

Venue: Mukteswar,Ranikhet Uttarakhand, India

Date: 23, 24, 25 and 26th November 2020

Mr. Sambit Panda


Internationally acclaimed Artist

Mob: 9899732737   Email:[email protected]

This is my second art initiative about Art and Environment which is called “Sound of Forest II”This art initiative is more about community development and public participatory art awareness and understands about issues regarding culture, Environments with contemporary artist. Which is a direction in our civilization A dialogue among all the distinguished artists, sightseeing, adventurous,explore and Drawing and painting will be followed about artists area of curiosity associated to our wildlife,culture and Environment and whatever they feel nearby contiguous, what they observe there in the forest ,hills, may be different sounds, various surprising images and an objects, which will be interesting towards our Workshop. When we talk about our environment, Ecological balance and wildlife this is very much vital these days due to the globalization, identical standing of our second survival in our human society, nature and wild life. We must respect our countryside as well as Gods creations.

Why I am chose this place in Uttarakhand, Mukteswar and Ranikhet Hills, Forest where the artists will come and stay for 3night 4days at a resort/Local Guest house where the dignified promising artists will explore the region along with the adventurous environment having fun and discussing about their various art practices and the different forms of art in the deep forest. In Uttarkhand Forest is a place to explore the beauty of nature and its significance with plenty of resources along with the local culture,artmaterilas,traditional folk culture.

After,visited to this place  for the last 16 years spent in Delhi, I realized how interesting it is here, so close to nature and away from the maddening crowds and the noise and pollution that is increasing day by day in the Metro Cities. There are lots of areas to explore in the new medias of art that is what makes me think why not start a community art practice which will be an impact here for cultural difference, we will involve local school children and one day we will take responsibility to train to local school going children as well as local people to engage about contemporary art as well as method and materials techniques that’s why artist should come here and interact with natural heritage and surrounding and local public. Working together for a common cause will positively be beneficial for humanity for society at large.

This Workshop will take place in many different parts of India with a diverse body of artists and the most expecting project is ‘’Karlapat’’, district Kalahandi, Odisha which will be in early 2021.

Participating Artist

Sambit Panda (Delhi)

He has a Curated an interactive art workshop at Jim Corbet National park, 2018. He has given video performances in Delhi and held five solo shows such as In-sight 2006 and Sacred thread,2009. God’s Own World, ICCR 2010, in Neheru Centre, London 2011 and Tagore Centre, Berlin 2012. He has participated in a public art project in Jamnagar Coral Mangroves Gujrat Ecological Commission,2012, Public Art Site-specific workshop Renewed Intensity Project in Bhubaneswar,2010. He has participated in Museum Association Seminar, Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur. He has participated in National Seminar on Rewriting Art History at Sahamat Delhi. His Art has two major auctions for Charity, Art for concern, at Taj Palace Mumbai. His prominent group show is Experiments with  TRUTH a group show on 150th Birth year of  Gandhi ji and his philosophy at Rashtriya Lalit Kala Kendra, Bhubaneswar,2019. National Level Exhibition at Rabindra Bhavan Delhi by Odisha Lalit Kala Akademi, 2019. A fundraising group show for ART FOR KERALA FLOOD DISASTER, at National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi,2018. Art For Concern, Concern India Foundation, at Gallery Roman Ronald New Delhi,2018. He has participated National level artist camp for Hockey World Cup,2018.  Auction Exhibition in Mumbai, Concern india foundation, Art for concern, 2017.FADA, Los Angeles, Singapore Art Exhibition,2008; Curated show, Soul Stories at Zyna Art Gallery, Gurgaon,2013. Beyond Boundaries, London 2008; Harvest 2008; Does Size Matter?, Delhi and Mumbai,2007; Pappirous in Noida 2006;He has received awards from Chitranadi Sanman, Kalahandi 2011. Yuba Pratibha Award,2010.Chitra silpi Sanman, Kalahandi 2009; Fakirmohan Senapati Award. His works have been collected by Auction houses such as christies, Safron Art, Adams Smith Institute,UK and JK Group. The artist presently lives and works in multi-city New Delhi and Rudrapur. 

Gopal Samantray (Delhi)

Anjum Khan  (Delhi)

Born in Lakhimpur  Kheri, U.P in 1986. Studied at Aligarh Muslim University from 2005. Showing regularly and participating in artists workshops from my academic time. I work in several mediums including Oil, Acrylic, Soft pastels, Terracotta, and Fiberglass…Working in Soft pastels media with Acrylic.
Being a female I always show my appearance in my work and my work has a feminine identity in the way I l and all females live. Always try to show the feminine power and energies through my painting….  now works and live in Delhi.




2014 – AIFECS ON ON 18 JAN.

2013 –Best entry award for CAMLIN ART FOUNDATION, New Delhi.

2013 – Youth festival org. by sahityakala academy November,New Delhi.

2013 – Art and aesthetics ‘own and original’ November,New Delhi.

2013 – Art of concern India, New Delhi, April .

2013 – Terracotta workshop at NIV art Centre,   New Delhi on 13 April. “Art Niche” workshop and show at A.M.U.

2013 –  Art and aesthetics at ladoSarai.

2013Terracotta workshop at NIV art center,   New Delhi on 13 April.

Abhilasha Singh (Lukhnow)

Abhilasha Singh, Born in 1991(Ksara-Mau, U.P.). I have Completed B.V.A. in 2014 and M.V.A. in 2016 from the College of Art&Craft, Faculty of Fine Art, Lucknow University. I am working as a Freelancer Painter Artist at the Studio of Lalit Kala Academy Regional Centre Lucknow. I have Received a “National Scholarship” By LKA, National Academy of Art, Ministry of Culture, GOV. of India, Delhi in 2018. & Award- “85th ALL INDIA AWARD” by Indian Academy Of Fine Art Amritsar -2019,& ”Kshatriya Award” By State Lalit Kala Academy Lucknow, U.P. at 2017. I have Attended in Art
Camp ” Uttar Pradesh Storytelling Artistic Colours” by State Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow in 2018. And “Incredible India” National Art Camp by Ministry of Culture, GOV.of India, NCZCC Allahabad, at Delhi in 2018. And Participated in” 90th Annual And 14th Portrait- All India Art Exhibition” By AIFACS New Delhi in 2016&17.”ART MART ” International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Organized by M.P.Tourism, Khajuraho from 2014 to 2017. And Group Exhibition -“Art 35” 3’rd Edition by Nine Fish Art Gallery Mumbai in 2018. And attended the international Art Workshop, Seminar & Many more Art Camp, Participation and Group Exhibition in different places & city.

Digijayee Khatua (Delhi)

Award and Scholarship
  • · Gold medal Prafulla art foundation, Mumbai, India- 2018.
  • · IPCA scholarship, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India- 2016.
  • · Research grant scholarship Lalit Kala Academy, Garhi Studio, New Delhi- 2015
  • · 62nd annual College Of Art, First Award For Painting, New Delhi- 2015.
  • · Kala sakshi Memorial Award, New Delhi, India- 2014.
  • · All India Award organized by NDMC, New Delhi, India- 2014.
  • · All India Fine Arts and Crafts society, First Award For Painting, Delhi, India-2013.
  • · Ravi Jain Memorial Foundation Award organized by Dhoomimal Art Gallery, New Delhi, India2013.
  • · College award from B.k. College of art & crafts, Bhubaneswar, Odisha- 2010.
  • . “Telling Tales. A Journey into Narrative Forms” Venue: Bikaner House, Anant Art, Delhi, India- 2018.
  • . India Art Fair, with Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi, India- 2020.
  • . Shrishti Art Gallery, Hyderabad, India-2019.
  • . Dr. Bhau Dji Lad Museum, Mumbai, India- 2019.
  • . MOMus, Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece- 2019.
  • · The Times of India Design festival, Taj Palace, New Delhi, India- 2019.
  • . India Art Fair, with Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi, India- 2019.
  • . (RE)VISITING THE URBAN) Venue: Bikaner House, Anant Art, Delhi, India- 2018.
  • · India Art Fair, with Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi, India- 2018.
  • · Anant Art Gallery, (When the caged bird sings) New Delhi, India- 2018.
  • . Priyasri Art Gallery “Hinge” Curated by Shruti Ramlingsiag, Mumbai, India- 2017.
  • . “Shifting Realities” Group Show at Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi, India- 2017.
  • · 58th National Exhibition of Art, National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore, -2017.
  • · Indo-Korean Young Artist exhibition, Emerging Canvas-IV, Seoul, korea-2016.
  • . “SCAPE AND SCOPE” Group Show at Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai, India- 2016.
  • . “Liminal affinities” Group Show at Nine Fish Art Gallery, Mumbai, India- 2015.
  • · 57th National Exhibition of Art, Rashtriya lalit kala academy, Lucknow, -2016.
  • • “Art Spotting V” Group Show at Gallery Art Positive, New Delhi, India- 2015.
  • · Kochi Muziris Student Biennale, Kerala, India- 2015.
  • · 56th National Exhibition of Art, Rashtriya lalit kala academy, New Delhi -2015.
  • · NIV Art Gallery, New Delhi, India- 2015.
  • · Tao Art gallery, Mumbai, India- 2014.
  • · Jahangir Art gallery,Mumbai, India- 2014.
  • · College of Art, 61 annual art Exhibition, New Delhi, India- 2013.
  • · Indo-Korea International Arts Festival, New Delhi, India- 2013.
  • · All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society, 86th Annual Art Exhibition, Delhi, -2013.
  • · Dhoomimal Gallery, New Delhi, India- 2013.
  • · Reflection Art Gallery ,New Delhi, India- 2013.
  • · State lalitkala academy, Odisha, India- 2010,2012.
  • · Rashtriya lalit kala academy, Bhubeneswar, Odisha, India- 2011.
  • · 10th eastern zone camel art foundation, Kolkata, India -2010.
Camp and Workshops:              
  • · Auroville Art Camp, Tamil Nadu, India-2019
  • Jazbaat Art Camp, Madhya Pradesh, India- 2018
  • Art Conclave- 58th National Exhibition of Art, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, India- 2017
  • · Art Conclave- 57th National Exhibition of Art, Lucknow, India- 2016.
  • · Kala Kala Sakshi workshop, New Delhi, India- 2014.
  • · Junior artist camp All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society, New Delhi, India- 2014.
  • · Odisha Lalita Kala Artist Camp, Odisha -2013.
  • · 5th & 6th State Level Young ArtistCamp Jajpur Chitrakala Academy, Odisha, India- 2010,2011.
  • · Odisha tourism Artist Camp Konark Festival, Odisha, India- 2010.

MonalisaBarua  (Kolkata)


College annual exhibition 2008,2009

Odisha lalit kala academy 2009

Aifac new delhi 2012

The lalit hotel 2013

Open palm Court 2011

Mansoon colour epicenter gurgaon 2012

Bimal Mitra art gallery 2012

Birla academy of art and culture 2011,2012,2014

Gagendra shilpa pradarashni 2013,2014

Raga Rang 2008,2009,

Different storke the art value gallery delhi 2011,2012

Mansoon colour art haritage triveni 2013

Mansoon bajaj art gallery mumbai 2015

Hotel claredges suraj kund 2017

Press Club new delhi 2018

Sridharni arthallery 2019


National art camp BACC 2008

National women art camp bbsr. 2013

National art camp at  the lalit hotel delhi 2012

Joshipur art camp odisha 2015

Young heart art camp chandipur 2017

Summer art camp Goa 2017


College annual award 2009

Gagan bihari memorial 2010

CSAC baripada 2008

jajpur academy of fine arts 2010


I am an Contemporary artist. I do versatile work., my work are highly detailed. I use of colours is expressive and nat natural which defines the subject with perfection. The content and I do painting useing various techniques subject of my work are based on past experience. I subconsciously filter these experience and bring themthem out visually in an abstract figuretive manner, the total image comes forth as intricate drawings which reflects my subconscious mind, the themes are based on love, fantasy and hunting although these are not literally depicted, daily expriences from life influence my work, this is essence of my work while producing my work I do not consciously set about making an image. Some time I draw picture of my Inner world. Which in turns make me fill strange and mind bogging.. My vision and variety which is distintly done in his own unique manner and medium……..

Sarita Acharya (Odisha) 

Ravi Chaurasia ( Uttar Pradesh west)

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