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The benefit of Team Sports: Why it should be encouraged more in present times!

When you’re in a P.E.(Physical Education) class or in a Varsity team, the Unit or Sport you are playing is probably a Team Sport. That is because Team Sports improves your performance not only ‘Physically’, but also ‘Mentally’ and ‘Socially’ compared to other types of sports in general and many other performance-enhancing activities. It helps your memory, coordination and physical shape. Here is why Team Sports are one of the most beneficial activities you can do.

First off, Physically, Team Sports are one of the most beneficial sports if not the most. When you play as a Team, there are many other players you play with therefore adding competition which makes players wanting to improve themselves physically, according to an article from keck medicine, competition in team sports improves endurance.

Additionally, in the same article, it also mentions that Team Sports reduce obesity and increase overall health and that athletes that train with a Team are generally healthier. And like all sports, Team Sports improve a person’s blood pressure, aerobic fitness, muscular strength, and endurance with many more benefits. Lastly, athletes that play Team Sports are known to be less vulnerable to physical disorders or diseases making their lives better and healthier.

 Many people say that the most important well-being is neither ‘Physical’ nor ‘Mental’, it’s the ‘Social’. Well, the thing that Team Sports improve the most compared to other sports is the social aspect. Since you are playing with a Team, you have to communicate a lot with other people, it improves your ability to communicate, socialise, and interact with other people.

According to Edutopia, team sports enhance a person with competence, confidence, connections, character, and caring, the 5 C’s. Also consider that now many seniors dislike the fact that now people are always using their phones considering it as uninteractive, therefore Team Sports can help them get rid of their worries since there is a lot of interaction done in Team Sports and that many new friendships are found due to this.

Students that play team sports are known to have better relationships and friendships with their classmates that can help them in the future than those who only concentrate on academics.  Additionally, Team Sports can make people have a sense of belonging and community. Playing team sports develops your cooperation with other people.

Due to Team Sports, many people found that they got higher self-esteem and stronger relationships. This can show that Team Sports highly boost someone’s Social Well-Being. This is the biggest advantage of Team Sports in general compared to all the other athletic fields. 

Lastly, although Sports don’t seem to directly affect someone’s mental health, and in movies, athletes are made to seem like dunces, Team Sports actually aid someone’s academic and mental situation. A research study from Adventhealth shows that Sports can help improve your concentration and keep you mentally sharp.

It was also found that playing recreational sports in college improved grade averages. It also showed that people who played sports in their school got better jobs. When playing sports it shows that blood flow and connections between nerves increases in the brain, leading towards easier memory and concentration, therefore, helping athletes achieve good grades. As you can see Playing Team sports nearly guarantees good grades and definitely guarantees mental benefits. 

This research can corroborate that there are many benefits to playing in Team Sports for all types of health. This shows that not only are Team Sports very beneficial, but they should be practiced and used more often since they are one of the best ways to teach sportsmanship as well. It suggests why Team Sports are not only played at a professional level but are also used in P.E classes for students. Although Team Sports are a bit difficult to manage, they make up for it with all the benefits and skills for the players to use and achieve, more importantly, its social benefits are in demand in the current times. 

(The views expressed are the writer’s own)

Dihaan Patra

Grade 7

American Community School Beirut

Beirut, Lebanon

( Images from the net)

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