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This remote village of Kalahandi is still searching network

Both the centre and state government have a lot of plans for the poor but a village located in Kalahandi has yet to get the benefits of all the plans even after several years of independence. More than 30 families are leading the life of a remote hill tribe in dense forests.

The people of this village have never seen any MLA, MP, or Minister on the other hand the politicians have also never seen the people living in this village. It is a matter of deep regret that the people of this village are yet to see the sunrise of development even after long years of independence.

It is to be noted that Bodaboring, the border village of Urladani Panchayat under M.Rampur Block is 63 km from block headquarters and 48 km from Urladani Panchayat. In order to reach this village under the Putrimahul ward, one has to cross two mountains on foot. There is another path through Khadgabahali under the Marding ward to reach the village but one has to cross four canals, streams, and four ghats.

This how one can reach the village by bike but the path is difficult dangerous, and risky. Many years agosome people of Bidabaru under UrladaniPanchayatdiscovered the place, cleaned the place, and started residing. The population of 30 families is more than 200 now.

It is a regretful matter that not a single man of this village has got ‘patta’ till now even after residing here for several years as a result they are deprived of all kinds of facilities of the government. There is a single tube well for more than 200 people but in summer they experience hardship for even a drop of water on the contrary no natural source of water, like a canal or streams flow nearthe village. Shortage of water and the mode of communication are two major problems of the locality.

Some children of this village go to different ashram schools for their education and the rest go to Kutedpadar Primary School which is 4 km away from the village. Children have to cross two mountains and dense forests to reach school. All the facilities of pre-primary education and ITDA are available in the Kutedpadar Anganwadi Centre.

It is presumed that pregnant ladies, maid, a lady with maternity pain, and children up to 3 to 6 years are getting all the benefits and facilities of government. In such circumstances, it is better not to talk about health and hygiene.  Villagerssuffer from any diseases or the pregnant ladies and women with maternity pain experience a lot of hardship.

People of the village say that most of the diseased sufferers died a premature death. The cardholders of the village come to Urladani to get their ration and allowance and they carry those by auto which drops them 2 km away from their village and the rest of the distance is covered by foot by the villagers carrying their ration either on their head or back.

When the Sarpanch of Urladani Panchayat  GandharbaPujhari was asked about this he said for the rainy season we give them ration for four months at a time. They are deprived of various Abash yojana for not having a patta, a land record document. From the border of Kalahandi, road work was started under the MNREGA scheme and yet to be completed.

It is the crying need of the people and the essential and apt demand of the time to cast a special look at this village and the villagers.

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