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Tipi Dangarar Kain: Re-discovering cinematic legacy of kalahandi

The telefilm ‘Tipi Dangar ra Kain’ telecasted on DD Odia Channel on 06th & 07thMarch 2024 at 12:00 PM seems to be more a rediscovery of cinematic legacy of Kalahandi than a telefilm in continuation of the others like ‘Senrra, Khaman Nani, Rendo-1855,Ghati, Metmaa, Khartap, Turaturi, Meli, Saja, Banaguda, Tokimara, Sundari, Natua, Swargadapi Gariyasiand etc. All these Telefilms/Short films/Teleplays inevitably are weighty enough to further the optimism in rediscovering and reviving Kalahandi’s cinematic art and tradition that owed its origin during the late 70s and beginning of 80s in the wake of making of “Samarpana”, the maiden venture for silver screen on behalf of Kalahandi in 1978 followed by “Palataka” in 1983, provided the  people in general and the intellectuals in the mainstream of the district in particular ought to be spirited and passionate enough to rear and nurture a conducive environment for making films of manifold magnitude on or off the virtual platforms. The above said films showcased almost sheer Kalahandia stuffs;for late Natyarashmi Prafulla Rath, the legendary odia play wright(1935-2006) of Kalahandi was the story writer as well as director of the said two films and more importantly, most of the artists on and off the camera belonged to Kalahandi. What is more, bulk of the location for shooting was in Kalahandi. May be the telefilm ‘Tipi Dangar Kain’along with the above said telefilms/Teleplays carrying out and out Kalahandia stuffs, for all the actors, actresses as well as the writer, director and presenter being the residents of Kalahandi is poised to revive the laudable legacy of Cinema in Kalahandi ;which seemed to be fading into oblivion over the bygone years for want of precise perception and perfect patronization as well.

In this context, Sri Ram Narayan Mund, a versatile actor of by gone Kalahandi and the hero of Kalahandi’s first ever Odia movie ‘Samarpana’ said,

“I have seen the telefilm ‘Tipi Dangar ra Kain’ and also some others on TV over the years and got elated in the sense that in present Kalahandi, there is no dearth of rare talents for stage and TV or Cinema screen. What we lack is giving them a precise platform.”

Talents in the contemporary kalahandi:

What reinforces the visibility and viability of such a notion in perpetuating cinematic or dramatic legacy of Kalahandi lies in the fact that there is no dearth or shortage of talents in the contemporary Kalahandi for the TV and silver screen.To further substantiate such notion the names like Sri Saroj Kumar Mahapatra, a resident of Bhawanipatna being the producer and director of recently released Odia movie-“Dui dune Panch”, Sri Hemanta Kumar Mund, resident of Thelkomunda(Jaipatna Block) being a music director of excellence,who have had over 25 years of experience in Mumbai Bollywood, Mr. Manoranjan Padhi, resident of Junagarh, a seasoned music director having the credit of more than 200 compositions of varied tastes for various TV channels, AIR and You-tubes, Mr. Suvendu Padhi of bhawanipatna, a versatile singer and music composer. Mr. Amresh Jena of Bhawanipatna, being graced with vast experience in Odia Film Industry as a skilful film cameraman are worth mentioning. This apart, Kalahandi, being a potentially fertile land of literature is all thanks to the celebrated writers of the soil like Late Natyarashmi Prafulla Rath, Late Parshuram Mund, Prof. Bhubaneswar Behera, Late Uttam Pradhan , Late Dr. Suvendu Mund, Late Munir Bishwabandhu, Sri Rahsa Bihari Behera, Sri Narayan Prasad Patnaik, Sri Janmejaya Patra, Sri Pratap Kishore Mund, Prof. Satya Pattnaik, Sri Uma shankar kar, Srimati Debahuti kar, Sri Biranchi Narayan Mund, Sri Biranchi Narayan Panda, Sri Parmeshwar Mund, Dr. Umesh Chandra Sathpathy, Dr. Dinabandhu Sahu,Sri Manoj Rath, Dr. Tapan Rath, Dr. Dasharathi Acharya, Sri Mohan Bishi, Sri Satya Narayan Mundchhina, Sri Lingraj Patra, Sri Sukanta Sahu, Dr. Nruparaj Sahu, Sri Sushanta Padhi, Sri Bijaya Pradhan,Sri Bhawani Shankar Nial, Sri Dinabandhu Sathpathy,Sri Pradip Dhangadamajhi,Sri Manoj Mohanty, Sri Kailash Rout, Mrs. Lipsa Patel, Sri Rajendra Padhi, Sri Sudhir Meher, Sri Rajesh Mund etc,and more significantly, the fledgling talents, Sri Dileshwar Rana and Sri Sudhir Dhangadamajhi. Mr. DileshwarRana has mustered national attention recently in the literary realm for being the young Kalahandi writer of ‘Senrra’ that fetched him ‘Kendra Sahitya Academy Youth Award-2023’ whereas Mr. Sudhir Dhangadamajhi is in news for his book ‘Khangar’ that has earned him Kishori Charan Awarad in memory of the celebrated Odia writer, Sri Kishori Charan Dash. As such, there is no scarcity of stories with manifold magnitude, range and tastes in Kalahandi for any sort of dramatic or cinematic endeavor .

As to actors and actress, the present Kalahandi is no less than a store house of rare talents. Some prominent artists among them, who have been enjoying applause and appreciations time and again for their dramatic and cinematic performances over the years at various platforms are Kadir Khan, Suvendu Mohapatra,  Prabodh Rath , Manoj Sharma, Pradip Dhangadamajhi, Rameshwar Tripathy, Biranchi Narayan Mund, Maheshwar Dhal, Riaz Khan, Pradipta Ray ,Dr. Dinabandhu Sahu, Sourav Mahapatra, Soumya Ranjan Jena, Siddhant Nanda, Tathagat Mishra, Rajendra Padhi, Sarbeswar Bhoi, Lochani Bag, Sangita Rout, Sony Banua, Banita Nag, Swarnakanti Baikar, Madhumita Rath and many more.

In regard to lyricist, legendary Narayan Prasad Pattnaik, Sri Pratap Kishore Mund, Satya Naik, Sanjib Singh, Subash Bishi, Satya Narayan Mahapatra etc are iconic enough in caressing the chord of audience to attain lyrical accomplishment.

It is quite an uphill task in jotting down names of all the talented artists of Kalahandi here, for the list seems to be endless. I beg apology for not being able to mention the names of some other artists in view of the limited scope of the article.

What is focused through this article with a note of confidence is that Kalahandi, once stigmatized as a land of poverty and snake charmers in the bygone days, has been transitioned into a “New Kalahandi” over the recent past, where one can even dare to dream for cinematic endeavors on or off the virtual platforms and can translate it into a reality.

Tipi Dangarar Kain vis-a-vis rediscovering kalahandi’s cinematic legacy:

The telefilm ‘Tipi Dangar ra Kain’ in no less measure, rather substantially,assumes the dimension of a case study/potential Source pertaining to the rediscovery of Kalahandi’s cinematic legacy in reminiscences of the two films ‘Samarpana (1978) and Palataka(1983) on the basis of the fact that almost all the stuffs and ingredients of the same film stem from the soil, light, ambience, features and fragrance of Kalahandi.

I.Broadcaster:DoorDarshan, Bhawanipatna (6th& 7th March 2024 at 12 P. M)

II.Presenter:Sarbashri SabaKhia Sahitya Sansad, Bhawanipatna

III.Story: Sri Sushanta Kumar Chopadar, District Education Officer, Kalahandi

The story being conceived and written by Sri Susanta Kumar Chopdar, District Education Officer, Kalahandi obviously lends an autobiographical touch as it revolves round the chief protagonist who is portrayed as DEO, Kalahandi and his selflessly reformative, constructive and bold attitude and interest in spreading basic education among the tribal inhabitants in the remotest hilly areas. In the course of his mission, the DEO has to overcome the dogmas, prejudice and superstitions of the tribes and eventually has to confront with Maoists for the successful opening of a primary School in the tribal pocket of Kalahandi is the central theme of the film. The forward movement of various characters in tune with  the events paving the way for climax speak out in volumes the artistic excellence of the writer in presenting his social commitment and moral conviction.

IV.Camera:Pabitra Khosala

V.Editing:Amiya and Sunil

VI.Direction, Dialogue and Screen Play: Sri Dileshwar Rana and Sri Sudhir Dhangadamajhi

Two young literary talents of Kalahandi, Mr. Dileshwar Rana and Mr. Sudhir Kumar Dhangadamajhi have rendered jointly direction, dialogue and screen play for the telefilm. Both of them have made a mark in odia story writings can be experienced in their selection of appropriate words and dictions while knitting the dialogues, which are quite characteristic to the characters and situations of the story. The dialogues  rendered in unison and the forward movement of the scenes in coherence bear the testimony of the young directors in bringing out apt dramatic effect for the far-reaching success of the film.

VII. Characters:

DEO: Sri Rameshwar Tripathy

Jani: Sri BiranchiNarayan Mund

Dist. Collector: Mrs. PreetiPattnaik

Driver: Sri SomyaRanjan

Mao leader:Sri Chinmaya Kumar Panda

Clerks: Sri Jitendra Kumar Mund, Sri SukantaSahu & Sri Tanka Dhar Sahu

Villagers: Dhananjaya,Prasanta, Prafulla, Sudam,Minati, Suprava,Purnima, Kalyani,Sudhir, Jakir, Indrajit, Ramprasad.

All the characters of the films are quite representative of the inhabitants in the tribal pockets of Kalahandi. As all the actors and actress belong to Kalahandi, they have had the basic perception about the persons and environment of the story. As a rsult, they are all at ease in playing their roles to the best of their abilities. Nevertheless, the roles of chief protagonists Jani and DEO are quite challenging. The role of Jani, an illiterate rustic head of the village, rendered by Sri Biranchi Narayan Mund, a seasoned actor of Bhawanipatna is life-like and hence thoroughly praiseworthy. The other lead role, DEO played by Sri Rameshwar Tripathy,a versatile actor of the district and odia film Industry as well deserves high recognition and appreciation. This apart the role of Mao leader rendered by Sri Chinmaya Panda can be reckoned as a promising actor in negative role in the dramatic avenue of Kalahandi.

More importantly, the role of District Collector played by Mrs Preeti Pattnaik is overwhelmingly praise worthy since her getup, attire, costumes,style of pronunciation and dialogue delivery, in her debut appearance, unfailingly portray the gracious personality of the  Collector. The roles played by Sri Jitendra Mund, Sri Sukanta Sahu and Sri Tanka Dhar Sahu as office Clerks are quite effective. SoumyRanjan’s acting as the driver of DEO is certainly laudable. Moreover, roles of villagers played by Dhananjaya, Prashanta,Prafulla, Sudam, Minati, Suprava,Purnima, Kalyani, Sudhir, Zakir, Indrajit, Ramprasad showcase the talents and skill of Kalahandi for small as well as big Screens.

Though “Tipi Dangr Kain” and others of the same genre seem to be a small step for the time being, nevertheless, it, in long run,will be a gigantic leap in the domain of cinematic art and culture of Kalahandi, provided we pledge piously in unison to prepare  potential platforms for harnessing the sheer talents across the length and breadth of Kalahandi to perpetuate the cinematic art & laudable legacy of the district.

(The views expressed are the writer’s own)

Bankim Mund 

Lecturer in English

Dharmgarh Women’s Jr. College, Dharamgrh, Kalahandi Mob 8327717672

You can reach to him : [email protected]

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