Tips on How to Choose MBA Specialization



Your Goals & Personal Interest:

If you’re obsessed with making a career in a particular field, you must invest to induce more modern details from various authentic sources about your interest within the area of your respective specialization. and of your Interest also important, which classes interest you most in your undergraduate studies? it’s going to even be wise to study your grades from those courses, to see which fields stimulate you intellectually, and choose the specialization that interests you additionally to being useful towards achieving your goals after your MBA / PGDM

Mind Your Self Talk & Your Strengths:

Every student has some strengths. Identify your strengths and analyze the fields you’re good at. Choose your MBA Specialisation that supported your personality traits. for instance, you’re keen on traveling, social skills, excellent communicator and go-getter attitude then Marketing Management could also be your right choice as a specialization otherwise you are good at writing, creative communicator, good at ideation, Digital literacy, and inventive thinking then you’ll think about Digital marketing or Brand Management as your specialization.

Your Skillset:

What are you good at? If you’re highly skilled in certain areas, you will be able to find a specialization that matches perfectly.

Rankings & Reputation of MBA Colleges offering Specialization:

Accreditation & Ranking accepted in India: Trust only the most effective / visit the AICTE website ( and check if the institute short-listed by you has received recognition from AICTE. And visit the official website ( and make sure whether the Institute shortlisted by you have received AIU recognition.

Subjects in specialization and Curriculums:

Before choosing any specialization, analyze the contents covered in each specialization. this could assist you in choosing the right specialization and developing specific skills. Take an in-depth look at the curriculum of the specializations.

Understand the Market:

One of the foremost important reasons behind pursuing an MBA /PGDM degree is to extend your job opportunities. While choosing your specialization you’d wish to know the work market first. MBA specializations that do not match today’s job opportunities should be avoided. confirm the specialization you decide on is not old and so the curriculum is predicated on an Industry-required skillset. you’ll also do few steps: bearing on various Job portals & LinkedIn etc and know the available job opportunities.

 Business Trends:

The business world is consistently changing. Right now, technology is also a driving field that’s shaping every industry. It’s an honest idea to consider future trends.

Placements and Alumni Feedback:

 It’s very vital to work out the past placement record of the specialization and acquire information about the salary packages of your institution for every specialization. But, don’t let the salary be the only real criteria. If salary packages are high for a selected specialization but you’re weak therein area, don’t choose it as you’ll never enjoy your job. ask your college’s alumni while making a specialization choice. they’re within the most effective position to supply you with an honest opinion on the reality of their profession and so the opportunities available.

Number of Companies walk into Institute: 

Aware about what kind of companies visiting your institution for recruitment in a very particular specialization. If the number of companies visiting for a selected specialization is more, than the probabilities of getting jobs therein specialization is high.

Salary Packages:

Get information about the salary packages of your institution for each specialization. But, don’t let the salary be the sole criteria. If salary packages are high for a selected specialization but you’re weak therein area, don’t choose it as you’ll never enjoy your job.


Faculty members are key people to enhance your subject knowledge of your specialization. you’ll be able to enquire with this student regarding the faculty members of respective specialization and get their feedback and opinion on the faculty of different specializations too.

Each specialization has its own benefits. Choose the specialization that supported your interests and skills and be assured of the very fact that whatever the specialization you select would require considerable exertions to excel and reach the task and to become a successful manager.

Prof. Satya Sidhartha Panda


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