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High explosive device dropped into vast body of water would evaporate relieving the floods, says Dr. Siddharth BM Birla Science Centre .

Hyderabad, July 25 (HS): Rising waters in various parts of the country have left hundreds of people dead or missing and floods have affected millions since the start of the rainy season. Dr. B.G. Siddharth Director B.M. Birla Science Centre ,Hyderabad and Co-worker A Das have given detailed mathematical calculations on how to evaporate large bodies of water.

If a high explosive device is dropped into the waters, it would make the water evaporate, thus relieving the area of the flood situation. Conversely if a few kilograms of cryogenic Helium is dropped into the vast body of water, the water would freeze, again having the same effect. This work has appeared in the Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics.

Later simulations have borne out the conclusion. So this may well be a solution not only for the Assam floods but in general where there are large bodies of water affecting people . It maybe recalled that Chinese authorities had recently blew up a dam eastern Anhui province to relieve the flood pressure. Authorities have adopted measures such as diverting water into back-up reservoirs to keep levels manageable as major rivers and lakes hit record highs.

Although this is a different procedure of diverting waters nevertheless procedures such as dropping explosive device can be used. China has also used weather modification techniques to have earlier rains and avoid rains during public events like Olympics when they ensured the weather was dry. Many countries are using weather modification techniques .

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