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Kharagpur IIT claims to have developed low cost device for Corona testing

Ankur Bhattacharya

Kharagpur/ Kolkata, 25 July (HS) : In a major breakthrough, the scientists of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) at Kharagpur in West Midnapore district, claimed to have developed a new unique medical device to conduct Covid test within one hour and at a cost of only Rs 400 per test.
Sources at IIT informed here today that when hundreds of scientists across the globe had been working round the clock to develop the Corona vaccine at the earliest, a group of unsung engineers at Kharagpur IIT had developed a unique small device to conduct test of the virus and too at a minimum cost with early results.
According to early reports, a small team of IIT professors and students had recently developed the testing kit/ machine and so far claimed to have found 100 per cent success in all their tests in this machine,which itself cost about Rs 2,000 only.
“We have already applied for its patent to the union government following intensive research and tests and are awaiting an early response, they said and claimed that if introduced it would open a new vista in the identification and test of large number of poor asymptomic Covid patients besides creating a new window of opportunity in the country’s medical history because of the vest low cost of testing.
The result of the test would be available in the patients mobile phone also, they claimed .

Currently each patient is required to pay at least Rs 2900 for each such test along with some incidental charges in West Bengal. Even last month every hospital and testing lab used to charge to the tune of Rs 4500 for each corona test.

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