Mukhipata: A latent tourist spot in Kalahandi


Kalahandi, surrounded with forests and mountains,has adorned immense natural beauty and natural resources to her breast which make her unique and extra special . There are many places in the treasured house of nature, in which if a man steps in , forgets all his mundane affairs, but it is the matter of regret that the scenic natural beauty of Kalahandi, the land of art and culture, is yet to be explored by the true lover of nature for the scarcity of highlight and propaganda.

Such a place is Mukhipata waterfall located in Manikera Panchayat , M.Rampur block . The place is situated 1.5 k.m. eastward from Sulesuru village and 2 k.m walkable distance from village Gandpadar. One can enjoy immense natural beauty if he goes on foot through Gandapadar village. The murmuring sounds of the fountain, the twittering sounds of the birds, the leafy trees, foliage  and creepers have the power to intoxicate every lover of nature and lessen the fatigue of pedestrian.

From the top of the mountain Sindur ( Subarnagiri) the water of the fountain flows downwards in serpentine move on the stony floor with its gurgling sound and distract the attention of the onlookers. Along with the beautiful and panaromic sight ,one can catch the sight  of peacocks, peahens  and different wild animals and birds in the spot. According to the people of Gandpadar elephants,tigers, bears and other wild animals inhabitate in the forest.

Most of the time people find peacock spreading their feathers and dancing at the sight of black cloud near the waterfall. The water falling from the height of 50 feet makes a tremendous and everlasting impression in the mind of onlookers. The sight of counless tall trees competing to touch the sky,  varities of herbal plants and shrubs along with wild flowers and transparent fountain water provide ample opportunity to enjoy a holiday picnic in the spot .

In some places the water of the fountain is beyond measure. The water, falling from the mountain, forms a stream and flows some distance and disappears and again appears suddenly . People say that the loose soil is the cause of disappearance of the water. Whatever the cause may be it creates a magical effect on the viewers.

In 2012 the NGO Sevajagat had provided piped water in the village Sulesuru. By utilising the piped water people of the village were able to produce many vegetables throughout the year continuously for 5 years but lack of proper maintenance and damages caused by elephants and wild animals destroyed not only  the pipe but also the earning of daily bread and butter of the local people.

Like Phurlijharan waterfall if Mukhipata waterfall finds a place in the map of tourism it will ultimately bring development for the people and area as well. On the other hand if the water of the fountain is properly managed, the farmers of the two surrounding villages will derive benefit out of it. The  vivacious vision of the administration for the peripheral development is longingly awaited by the inhabitants of the locality.

(The views expressed are the writer’s own.)

Sisir Kumar Sahu

Lecturer in English

A.B. Higher Secondary School

Sanchergaon, Kalahandi.