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Webinar on Dialogue with Parliamentarians from Indian Diaspora held

Odisha (India), June 26: The office of Rajya Sabha MP Sujeet Kumar organised a global webinar on ‘Dialogue with Parliamentarians from Indian Diaspora’ to create a unique platform for sharing of experience, ideas and aspirations among the leaders in Indian Diaspora, a global force for sustainable change.

The leaders discussed several ways on how Indian Diaspora can be a great global force to advocate and achieve sustainable change in all areas of bilateral and multilateral ties.

MP Kaushaliya Vaghela from Australia, MP Prof Biman C Prasad from Republic of Fiji and MP Dr Swarup Ranjan Mishra from Kenya besides MP Naveena Ramyad, MP Subhasnee Luchmun Roy, and MP Mahend Gungapersad, all from Mauritius graced the webinar.

While moderator Prof Kamala Kanta Dash introduced the Global Development Dialogue (GDD), MP Sujeet Kumar welcomed the distinguished guests and articulated the vision behind GDD and the rationale behind the dialogue among Diaspora leaders.

MP Swarup Ranjan Mishra shared his success story along with his Indian roots. He said Kenya and India, especially the Indian state of Odisha, share a lot of similarities and various avenues can be explored by both the countries in fields of agriculture, tourism, mines, minerals exploration and oil & natural gas. Furthermore, he added that India being the vaccine hub, it can look forward to vaccinate 1.4 billion people of Africa.

MP Naveena Ramyad spoke about the relationship between Mauritius and India. She said that India can help in boosting agriculture production in Mauritius. India can also help in skill development, transfer of agricultural knowledge besides development of educational, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries, transfer of AI knowledge, she said.

MPBiman C Prasad said that apart from financial ties, Fiji should have more democratic, academia and cultural engagements with the Government of India. There should be more forums in place where there can be mutual sharing of ideas and learning from other Diaspora Communities, he said.

MP Kaushaliya Vaghela shared her success story and her connection with India. As an MP, she works with women, youth and vulnerable population. She said that mutual exchange of ideas and collaboration between Indian & Diaspora MPs is the need of the hour. She also said that educational exchange, technology & AI will play a vital role in strengthening the relationship between two countries.

MP Mahend Gungapersad expressed gratitude towards the people of India and highlighted the generosity of India for helping in distressful times of the island nation. He said there is a need to come together especially the Indian Diaspora to strengthen relations between Mauritius and India.  He said that health is a primary concern for all and inoperable patients in Mauritius should get access in hospitals of India. Moreover, marine security is another concern where Indian Government can help in imparting training and providing necessary security expertise, he said.

MP Subhasnee Luchmun Roy spoke about her challenging political journey in Mauritius and how India has always helped Mauritius in times of need and it’s a blessing for Mauritius to have India as its partner. She said that the strengthening of culture is the need of the hour. There should be initiatives towards preservation of our rich heritage and culture, she added.  

Several people from the Indian Diaspora, development practitioners, students and faculties from different universities joined the webinar and participated in the discussion. 

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