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AYouth-focused INDIAN YOUTH TALK SHOW (Yuva Manch) “hosted by The Upskillingpanda-Your Online Coach and The Media Partner-Samachar Just Click&Publishing Partner- The Dawn Publishersis committed to offering insight into Innovation, Professional Development, Career Counselling, Employability Skills, and Academic Excellence by showcasing Indian Youth, discussing trending, thought-provoking topics, and interviewing young entrepreneurs,successful students, academician, and working professionals.

We are optimistic enough to the fact that each show will positively render a far-reaching impact on the viewers, especially the youth, fresh graduates, Young Entrepreneurs and career aspirants so as to foster their innovative bent of mind, problem-solving attitude and deriving inspiration from the Guest speakers.

This is a captivating Talk Show presented by #Theupskillingpanda, the Talk Show  aims to inspire and motivate young individuals by featuring their stories of success in the field of Entrepreneurship, Education & Research, Art & Culture, Sport, Yoga & Social Service etc.It can showcase interviews with accomplished Youth from various fields who can serve as role models for the next generation.

The aim is to encourage dialogue, exchange of ideas, and diverse perspectives & promote social harmony and cultural diversity. The Ambitious idea is to look at a field in which young people have shown a strong interest, and subsequently have engaged local change-makers who are making progress in this field in their personal, professional, or academic lives in a moderated discussion. Finally, The INDIAN YOUTH TALK SHOW (Yuva Manch)aims at helping today’s youth to carve out their identity so as to understand and navigate the modern world with a cosmopolitan orientation.

Talk show Guest for Episode-1 is Amrita Jagatdeo, Director- ThinkRaw India Pvt Ltd & Minushri Madhumita, Director- ThinkRaw India Pvt Ltd. Their dream came true when they set up two companies Think Raw India Pvt. Ltd and Think Raw Innovative Solution Ltd in New Delhi in 2016.Through these Companies, they strive to introduce Women Centric Enterprises focussing on making creative and innovative projects in solar EPC arena.

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