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Global dialogue on navigating talent and book launch captivates virtual audiences

In a testament to the power of virtual collaboration, recently there held International Panel Discussion on “Navigating the Talent: HR Insights for Tomorrow’s Workplace” and the accompanying Book Launch of The HR Caselets handbook written by the Asia’s most prestigious Golden Book Award Winner-23, Satya Sidhartha Panda. The Event marked a significant milestone in the realm of talent management and the future of the workplace.

The event, organized with meticulous detail, brought together a diverse panel of experts and thought leaders from around the globe to engage in an enriching dialogue on the evolving landscape of HR practices and the challenges and opportunities facing tomorrow’s workforce.

Partho Ganguly, the Co-founder of GWFM Global Network, brought a unique perspective to the panel discussion on “Future-Proofing Skills: Preparing for Tomorrow’s HR Job Landscape.” With his extensive experience in workforce management and global HR trends, Ganguly highlighted the evolving nature of HR roles and the essential skills required to thrive in the future job landscape. Ganguly emphasized the need for HR professionals to adapt to rapid technological advancements and changing business dynamics. He discussed how traditional HR functions are transforming, with automation and artificial intelligence reshaping the way organizations manage their workforce.

Jesus Obaña, the Chief Executive Officer of ExP Learning Innovations Inc. and ExP Group (UK) Philippines, offered profound insights into the topic of “Developing the Talent Pipeline in a Digital Tomorrow” during the panel discussion. With his extensive background in learning and development, Obaña provided a comprehensive perspective on how organizations can prepare their talent pipeline for the digital future. Obaña emphasized the critical role of digital literacy and technological fluency in today’s rapidly evolving workplace. He highlighted the need for organizations to invest in upskilling and reskilling initiatives to equip employees with the necessary digital competencies to thrive in the digital era.

Purnima Jadav, a seasoned IT professional – the Netherlands, provided valuable insights during the panel discussion on “Empower, Engage & Excel: The Employee Engagement Journey.” Drawing from her extensive experience in the IT sector, Jadav shared practical strategies for fostering employee empowerment and engagement to drive organizational success. Purnima emphasized the importance of creating a supportive and inclusive work environment where employees feel valued, heard, and empowered to contribute their best. She discussed the role of effective communication, transparent leadership, and employee recognition programs in building a culture of trust and engagement within organizations.

Braj Kishor Gupta, the Founder of GiantStep and a distinguished Social Scientist, brought insightful perspectives to the panel discussion on “New Challenges & New Opportunities for the Future of Workplace.” With his deep understanding of societal trends and organizational dynamics, Gupta shed light on the evolving landscape of work and the implications for future workplaces. Gupta began by highlighting the unprecedented challenges faced by organizations in today’s rapidly changing world, including technological disruptions, demographic shifts, and socio-economic transformations. He emphasized the need for organizations to adapt to these changes and embrace new opportunities to thrive in the future of work.

Dr. Bindoo Malviya, a respected Professor in the Department of Management at Teerthanker Mahaveer University, provided valuable insights during the panel discussion on “Solving HR Puzzles: Perspectives from Case Study Analysis.” Leveraging her expertise in management and human resources, Dr. Malviya offered a comprehensive analysis of real-world HR challenges through the lens of case studies. Dr. Malviya began by emphasizing the importance of case study analysis as a powerful tool for learning and problem-solving in the field of human resources. She highlighted how case studies allow HR professionals to apply theoretical concepts to practical situations, facilitating a deeper understanding of complex organizational dynamics and HR issues. Throughout the discussion, Dr. Malviya presented a series of compelling case studies that addressed a range of HR puzzles, including talent management, organizational culture, performance evaluation, employee experience and employee relations.

Sana Hussain, the Training Manager at SAP Labs India, brought insightful perspectives to the panel discussion on “Agile Learning: Adapting Training Programs to Changing Business Needs.” Leveraging her expertise in vocational training and learning and development, Hussain offered valuable insights into the importance of agile learning in today’s dynamic business environment. Hussain began by highlighting the evolving nature of business needs and the impact of technological advancements and market disruptions on workforce skills requirements. She emphasized the critical role of agile learning in enabling organizations to adapt quickly to these changes and remain competitive in the marketplace. Moreover, Hussain discussed the key principles of agile learning, including flexibility, responsiveness, and continuous improvement. She emphasized the importance of designing training programs that are agile and adaptable, allowing employees to acquire new skills and knowledge rapidly in response to changing business demands. Additionally, Hussain shared practical strategies for implementing agile learning initiatives within organizations. She discussed the importance of leveraging technology-enabled learning platforms, microlearning modules, and on-the-job training opportunities to facilitate continuous skill development and knowledge transfer.

Sangeeta Thomas, the Content Head of Enterprise Futuring at Wipro, delivered a compelling presentation during the panel discussion on “Crafting Agile Strategies for Modern Business Realities.” Leveraging her expertise in enterprise futuring and strategic planning, Sangeeta offered valuable insights into the importance of agility in navigating today’s complex business landscape. Thomas began by highlighting the rapidly changing nature of modern business realities, characterized by technological disruptions, market volatility, and evolving customer preferences. She emphasized the need for organizations to adopt agile strategies that enable them to respond quickly and effectively to these dynamic forces.

Panelists, represented a spectrum of industries and disciplines, offered invaluable insights into topics ranging from talent acquisition and retention strategies to the role of technology and diversity in shaping the future of work. Their collective wisdom sparked lively discussions and provided attendees with actionable takeaways to navigate the complexities of talent management in an ever-changing world.

Panel discussion moderator, Satya Sidhartha panda concluded the panel discussion and gave his concluding remarks as the future of work will present both challenges and opportunities for HR professionals. By embracing innovation, fostering a culture of learning and inclusion, and leveraging technology to drive strategic decision-making, HR professionals can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of work and ensuring organizational success. Satya said, Let’s continue this dialogue and collaboration as we navigate the ever-evolving talent landscape together.

One of the highlights of the event was the much-anticipated book launch, featuring the unveiling of a groundbreaking publication that delves deep into the intricacies of modern HR practices and offers innovative solutions to address emerging challenges. The book, authored by esteemed experts in the field, promises to be a valuable resource for HR professionals and business leaders seeking to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive landscape.

A caselet is an important teaching aid for the faculty to adapt teaching style to the needs of the situation. While discussing the topics of management teaching and learning, experts distinguish between the ‘Sage on the Stage’ and the ‘Guide on the Side’ approaches. Comprehensive cases are quite useful while following the ‘Guide on the Side’ approach in facilitating a collective learning experience. However, a faculty member may choose the ‘Sage on the Stage’ approach due to topic-specific, class-specific, or faculty-specific factors. In such situations, comprehensive cases can be replaced with caselets to help the learner apply the concepts gathered from the lectures. In short, while cases may be used as a substitute for lectures, caselets may be used as a supplement to lectures. Welcome to The HR Caselets Handbook written by Satya Sidhartha Panda.

This book is designed to provide comprehensive caselets with solutions for HR specialization for MBA & PGDM students, first-time managers, and anyone interested in understanding and addressing real-world challenges in the field of human resources. This book aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice by presenting a collection of caselets that reflect the diverse and evolving landscape of human resource management. These caselets are carefully curated to simulate the challenges encountered in the workplace, allowing readers to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations.

The book is available on the following Platforms:


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Despite the virtual format, the event fostered a sense of connection and collaboration among participants, who hailed from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations. Through interactive Q&A sessions and networking opportunities, attendees had the chance to exchange ideas, forge new connections, and gain fresh perspectives on the future of talent management.

As the virtual curtains draw to a close on this milestone event, the discussions and insights shared are poised to inspire continued innovation and collaboration in the realm of HR and talent management, paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future for workplaces around the world.

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